Guest House The Four Pines
Beli Osam

A great place for your holiday.

 Къща за гости Четирите бора Бели Осъм

The most cozy guest house!

The environment combines unique renaissance atmosphere and contemporary luxury. The house was built in 1850 and has 2 floors. The roof is covered with stone tiles, allowing in summer inside the house to be cool and during winter to be warm and cosily.

The fireplaces contribute for the romantic atmosphere. 

                    "A very nice place with unique hosts."                 

Nikolay Yordanov

About the Area

Бели Осъм

Beli Osam village

The village of Beli Osam is a preferred destination for rural and eco tourism. During your stay you can enjoy various natural and historical sights near the village of Beli Osam - Troyan Monastery, Kopsis Fortress (Annevo Kale), Vidimsko Praskalo Ecocoat, Vidimsko Praskalo Waterfall, Sopot - the birthplace of Ivan Vazov.


Municipality of Troyan.

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